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Welcome to Topaz Class



Welcome to Topaz class.

Miss Londors and Mrs. Bishop (Morning) and Mrs Wilmhurst (Afternoon) are the adults in Topaz Class and look forward to helping the

children with their learning.


We hope you had a super fun yet restful half term and are ready to jump back into school life!


This term our topic is Super Saxons! This will be History and Geography based, looking at who the Saxons were and where they came from. In addition, we will be exploring their lives and their influence on the UK. We will also explore settlements and what they needed, taking a closer look at physical and human characteristics.


In our Art and DT lessons we will be exploring how to use running stitch and appliqué a piece of material to create a class bunting.


The majority of our writing lessons will also be directly linked to our topic. We will be Storymaking the Poem of Beowolf, creating an Anglo-Saxons Life Leaflet, imagining a Diary Extract for an Anglo-Saxon God and then finishing the year with some Summer-related poetry composition.


In Guided Reading, we will be learning and using skills in comprehension; inference; vocabulary; prediction and answering different question types.


In Maths, we will start by learning about shapes and symmetry. We will then cover time, capacity and volume, statistics, fractions and decimals and the position and translation of shapes. We will have a strong focus on word problems and mathematical reasoning across all topics.


Computing is all about digital literacy and coding: we will be creating a PowerPoint to share information, use Turtle logo to create algorithms and copyright, as well as online safety.


In Science, our focus will be Humans and animals; this will include explaining how living things obtain food, understand the digestive system, identify and explain the main functions of a skeleton and teeth.

In PE, we will be learning how to play Rounders, using appropriate skills such as striking and fielding throwing and catching with accuracy. We will also be doing Athletics, where the children will be able to sprint over long distances and perform dynamic combination of jump sequences with control.


In R.E., we will be looking at Islam and having a week to celebrate this, as well as learning about Sikhism and asking the question Do Sikhs think it is important to share?


Learn4Life is all about coping with feelings, such as stress and anxiety. We will learn about the effects of smoking and how to make choices for ourselves, including being assertive. The concept of risk is discussed and we will learn about the importance of making healthy choices.  We will also look at how to keep ourselves safe when we are out and about.



Our language focus this term is Spanish, we will be learn the story of Mario El Cocinero and all the lovely traditional Spanish food he can cook and we will celebrate by learning the song La Bamba.


Reminders for the year:


Children are expected to read for 10 minutes everyday which will go towards earning a Ribbons for a keyring.

They should also be practicing their times tables (3, 4, 6 and 8 Yr 3 and all the times tables for Yr 4) and termly spellings.

Spelling challenges are optional but children can earn spelling badges when they have achieved them.

Topic homework is set once a term and is an optional homework.


PE for Summer Term is on a Wednesday and Thursday.

 PE Kits should include a white t-shirt, black shorts or jogging bottoms and black daps or trainers, you may want to include a jumper for the great British weather.


Please try to support us by completing all of your child's home learning with them to support their love for learning. Reading, spellings and mathletics  are an essential element of a child's development and has a positive impact on your child's progress in all areas of the curriculum!


We look forward to an exciting term ahead!





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Monet Themed clay Lily pads

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Science- Adaption

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Monet Paintings

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Our Death Masks

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