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Our Mission Statement

At Corsham Regis Primary Academy we believe that:

  • The child is at the heart of our Academy and is the driving force behind our vision of education.
  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of pupils and young people is of paramount importance. 


We believe that education should be:

 Creative

 Purposeful

 Challenging


We believe all children should have the opportunities to:

 Explore the world in ways that suit their individual needs.

 Develop skills for life-long learning

 Develop attitudes and values that will prepare them for life in our varied society.

 Recognise and understand their vital role within society.


We only have three rules. They encompass everything that we hold dear to us. They focus on promoting self-esteem and developing self-confidence, and encouraging independent learning and teamwork. We believe that every member of this school should learn to develop a positive self-image and recognise the talents they have and use them wisely. 


  • Try your best at everything
  • Look after everything in our community
  • Show you care about others through your actions and your words

Our Lunchtime Daily Thank You:

Thank you for the fresh water that we drink,

Thank you for the healthy food we eat,

Thank you for all the friends we have,

We give thanks for everything.