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What you need to know for the week beginning Monday 10th June

Dear Parents and Carers


Firstly, some advisors from Wiltshire Council visited us on Wednesday to observe the interaction between pupils at lunchtimes. They were absolutely delighted with what they saw and had nothing but praise. In fact, they thought it was one of the happiest playgrounds they had seen.


Here's what you need to know for the week beginning Monday 10th June 2019.


• Induction session 1 for our Reception pupils starting in September. This is a stay and play visit for both parents and children 2 - 3pm
• Blues Sky Festival rehearsal at The Pound 2 – 3pm


• Weather permitting it will be Sports Day.


• Blue Sky Festival rehearsal at Heywood Prep 2 - 3 p.m.
• Cricket festival for Years 5 and 6 1 - 4:30pm


• Fraser Portraits will be visiting to take class photographs. Please make sure your child is looking super smart
• Mr Bell, Executive Headteacher from The Corsham School, will be visiting and speaking with all of Year 5 pupils at 11:15
• 2pm Final rehearsal for the Blue Sky Festival before the main event at 6 p.m.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Mr Gareth Spicer
Corsham Regis Primary Academy, part of The Corsham School Academy Group