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This is what you need to know for the week beginning Monday 11th February

Dear Parents and Carers


Firstly, over the last two Parent and Carer Consultation Appointments, Mr Phil Hilling, one of our governors, conducted a survey about our existing curriculum in readiness for the new Ofsted inspection framework, which is currently out for consultation. After half term, I will share with you the results of the survey. I will just quickly say that the results were overwhelmingly positive, however several of you did comment on the lack of class trips, and quite rightly so. This is something the staff will be discussing in future.


Thank you to everyone who walked to Corsham Town Hall today with Years 3&4 to visit the technology roadshow put on by Corsham Institute. From what I could overhear, some pupils have already decide what they want for Christmas!


And of course it's been Chinese New Year week. It's been fascinating learning about the culture and traditions associated with this event.


This is what you need to know next week.....


• Celebration Assembly at 2:45pm


• One of our support staff has a very special birthday!
• Topaz Class assembly at 2:45pm - Parents and family are invited


• Mrs Geoghan from The Corsham School is leading an assembly for Years 4-6


• Champions Assembly at 9:15am - watch out for your invitation and if your child has been chose, keep it hush, hush


• Youth Theatre visit 9-11am in our hall for years 3-5
• Go home and rest!


Finally, this week I found out that I am an internetoholic. Going into the No Internet Day Challenge I had the best of intentions. I made a pact with myself that I would not use the internet at home as I knew I had to use it for work. This proved to be a disaster. Without realising what I was doing, my fingers went to fully automatic mode as soon as I had a free moment. Before I knew it, I was logging into social media and googling. There, I’ve admitted it. This is the first step to recovery.


Thank you for making Regis a fab place. Have a great weekend!


Mr Gareth Spicer
Corsham Regis Primary Academy, part of The Corsham School Academy Group