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Here's what you need to know for the week beginning Monday 29th April

Dear Parents and Carers
One week gone - 4 weeks until half term!
Before I write anything else, I just wanted to wish all of our runners good luck in the Corsham 2K and 10K events on Sunday, and to thank everyone who has supported this event, either as a marshal, sponsoring a runner or taking the children running. Great work!
Here's what you need to know for next week.
• 1:15pm PCSO Shaun Redmond is in school talking to Year 6 about responsible social media use
• 1:30 p.m. Academy council meeting
• 2:30pm Take One Note exhibition for parents, carers and families at 3:15 p.m. Come into school and look at your child's learning from last term inspired by a piece of music. Thank you to Miss Londors and Mrs Harris in organising this.
• Pupils in Years 1-5 will take part in Martial art demonstration lessons at different times in the day.
Then it's another Bank Holiday!
Finally, I need to share with you that Mrs Woodall will sadly be leaving us at the end of Summer Term 5. Amanda has secured a position as Head of Toddlers at Snapdragons Nursery. I am sure you will be joining me in wishing her well in the next stage of her career.
Have a great weekend.
Mr Gareth Spicer
Corsham Regis Primary Academy, part of The Corsham School Academy Group