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Fire Drill today


Dear Parents / Carers,


Every year at Corsham Regis, as part of our Health and Safety procedures, we stage a number of fire drills to prepare pupils for a real emergency. This morning all the pupils and staff took part in one of these. The number of staff involved in planning a drill is kept to the bare minimum so that the decision making of all the staff is as realistic as it can be and properly assessed.


Today, Opal Class were getting changed for a PE lesson when the alarm went off. They were dressed in their PE kits and were barefooted. Miss Denning, unaware that it was a drill, did exactly what was required in the situation. She got the children out of the building through the fire escape and escorted them onto the main playground, which is the agreed meeting point for emergency evacuations, via the Key Stage 2 gates.


The children were fabulous and followed every instruction given to them by Miss Denning in a calm and appropriate manner, despite being barefooted on their journey! When the drill was complete, they made their way back into the classroom.


Unfortunately, as a direct result of the fire alarm going off, our gas supply to the kitchen was shut off and we could not get this to restart. This meant that the hot food cooking in the gas oven became inedible. Despite this, our Sodexo catering staff were superb and managed to provide those pupils who had chosen pizza and chips for lunch with sandwiches, baked beans, pasta, ham and fish. Depending on whether or not an engineer can fix the gas supply problem, hot lunch options may be off the menu on Monday. Pupils will be able to order a ham, cheese or tuna sandwich instead.


Overall, Mr Hancock, our Site Manager and Mrs Symons, Deputy Headteacher, were both very pleased with the way the drill was carried out and the maturity demonstrated by all our pupils.


Thank you for your continued support.


Mr Gareth Spicer