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Welcome to Topaz Class



Miss Londors and Mrs Pike are looking forward to helping the children with their learning  and welcome you back. We hope you had a lovely Easter and that you enjoyed the rest!


We have lots of fantastic things to look forward to this term. Our topic is ‘Settlements’ and we will be starting to understand the key aspects of Anglo- Saxons and Vikings, through history, geography, art and design and technology.

In writing, we will be exploring myths and legends, building up to writing our own! In guided reading, we will be exploring texts and answering comprehension questions about them. In maths, we will continue to practice all the different methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, as well as exploring fractions, time, shapes and different measure [see our topic plan below for the full list!]. Science will be about exploring the human body, looking at how our digestive system works and learning about teeth. Computing is all about coding this term. In PE we will be doing cricket outdoors and Real PE, which is skills and games based. And Learn4Life is all about keeping our bodies and minds healthy.



Reminders for the year:

Homework goes out on a Friday and is expected in on a Wednesday- this will be alternate maths and writing homework. Children are expected to read for 10 minutes everyday. They should also be practising their times tables (3, 4, 6 and 8) and spelling challenges. Topic homework is set once a term and is an optional homework.

PE for Summer Term is on a Monday and Friday.  PE Kits should include a white t-shirt, black shorts or jogging bottoms and black daps or trainers, you may want to include a jumper for the great British weather.

From 06.03.17-24.04.17 we will be going swimming on a Monday .


Please try to support us by completing all of your child's home learning with them to support their love for learning. Reading, spellings, mathletics and weekly set homework are an essential element of a child's development and has a positive impact on your child's progress in all areas of the curriculum.


We look forward to an exciting term ahead!





Topaz on the decks! DJing courtesy of a great website called Incredibox. This is one of their creations from our Music Week.

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