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School Self Evaluation Summary

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education:


The academy has a great passion for ensuring pupils develop the necessary characteristics needed to be successful during the different stages of their education and beyond. Staff and governors work together to prepare our children to be able to respond well to different challenges, and for all pupils to make a positive contribution to the local, national and international community in which they live.




The rich and vibrant curriculum provided by the academy gives the children many opportunities to use and apply the skills learned in our cross curricular topic based approach. Pupils are taught the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for those of different faiths, race and religion. Examples of this include Key Stage 2 linking their topics to the Magna Carta, including a trip to Salisbury Cathedral and a series of assemblies highlighting each of the British Values. These values, as well as tolerance, are also promoted during Inter House Competitions and sporting events within the Corsham Cluster.


Through our curriculum enrichment days, we reflect and plan ahead to ensure that the curriculum is relevant to the needs of our pupils so as to allow them to use their imagination and creativity, and develop their curiosity for learning. At the heart of this are our profound learning experiences both in and out of school. Recently these have included performances in school of Jack and the Beanstalk by the Story Box Theatre Company and Journey To The Centre Of The Brain by Make Believe Arts, a visit by Years 1 and 2 to The Wild Place, a day in a Victorian School for Year 3, forest school visits, a visit by the Explorer Dome for Years 4,5 and 6, and our annual residential trip for Year 6.



The academy’s mission statement, aims and ethos ensure that all children develop a clear understanding of right and wrong both in and out of school, and the importance of honesty.


The pupils take part in a range of activities requiring social skills, which include: Circle Times, team sports, fund raising (NSPCC, Children in Need, Harvest festival, Comic Relief, Wear it Pink, Julia’s House), Inter House competitions, KS1 and KS2 productions, pupil interviews, volunteering to improve the school site and participating in local competitions and festivals, such as the Corsham cluster Primary Maths Challenge, Corsham Town Council challenges, the cluster music festival and the World War I Corsham Commemoration.





Ofsted Sept 2014, ‘A wide range of sporting and other activities beyond the confines of the classroom mean that all pupils have many opportunities to broaden skills and understanding. These help them to be well prepared for the next stage of their education.’


The academy has also enabled the pupils to develop their own strategies for overcoming barriers through its work on developing a ‘Growth Mindset’ so that they now take more responsibility for their own learning. Our current focus is on developing resilience and self-efficacy.


Success@Arithmetic in action


The children respond positively to the memorable experiences the academy has provided within its creative curriculum, for example during our Friendship Week, the Summer Reading Challenge, our Shakespeare Week, our E Safety workshops, and Music Week. The vibrant and ever changing displays around the school provide a good source of evidence as does our International Schools Award and Artsmark status. Pupils embrace the creative arts as teachers skilfully plan a variety of activities linked to the class topic or specific theme day, for example planning a whole term around Take One Object, a Regis development following our involvement in Take One Picture.




Pupils value the interactions they have within the school and wider community. Our choir visited elderly residents of the local care home to perform Christmas carols to the residents. At Easter the residents were invited by the pupils to our whole school celebration at St Barts church to which ten attended. In the past, elderly members of the community have been invited into our KS2 classes to share their experiences of living through World War II as this was the pupils’ topic. Both pupils and visitors commented on how much they enjoyed the visit and how much they learned from it. This term, our Year 5 pupils performed Bugsy Malone with students from The Corsham School from Year 8 to Year 13. It was excellent!


Pupils are able to express their views on school life and suggest improvements through the varied roles and positions of responsibility they have including: Play Leaders, Line Monitors, Pupil Leadership Team, Digital Leadership Team, Assembly monitors, Eco Councillors, Academy Councillors, Corsham Youth Council, Recycling, Registers, ICT monitors, PE monitors, Librarians and Tuck Shop.


Each class votes for two Academy Pupil Councillors and hold regular class council meetings. The Year 6 Academy Councillors attend the monthly Corsham Youth Council meetings. The Academy Council has successfully organised fundraising for a sponsored run for Julia’s House, Comic Relief, Water Aid and Children in Need, and been part of the selection process for new staff. They have also revamped the Tuck Shop so that it sells healthy snacks only and complies with the Government’s School Food Plan.



Through the Academy Pupil Council’s running of the Tuck shop and our pupils’ making and selling of individual items at academy fundraisers, pupils have begun to show enterprise and a basic understanding of economics. 


Pupils contribute to a sustainable environment through the Eco Council. Eco Councillors are elected in the same way as the Academy Council and meet on a termly basis. The Eco Councillors audited the existing learning environment and drafted an action plan to improve it further, in addition to previous recycling of waste paper and composting programmes. The Eco Council is currently committed to recycling food waste in the academy.




‘Experiencing culture is integral to education; it can lead to lifelong passions and open doors to careers in the cultural and creative sectors and elsewhere.’ Department for Culture, Media and Sport March 2016


The pupils at Corsham Regis have a good cultural awareness and a respect for others. We have celebrated days from different faiths, such as Yom Kippur, Wesak, Chinese New Year, Divali and Sukkot, and reflected on the beliefs of others through our World Religion Week. This year we held a UK Culture Week in order to celebrate what makes the United Kingdom. Reverend Johnson from our local church has led whole school worship on the theme of reflection and children can talk about what this means. Teachers also make use of the different cultures represented within their classes when planning topics.


Ofsted Sept 14, ‘Equality of opportunity and diversity are central to the ethos of the academy and are reflected across pupils’ work and their wider educational experiences. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning is promoted at every opportunity.’


Through our Disability theme week, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, and our Kindness Assembly, pupils have a better awareness and respect of peoples’ differing needs, including physical disability, emotional well being and mental health. Staff seek to develop pupils’ emotional literacy and empathy using classroom based feeling thermometers and regular circle times.


Mrs Gail McCrum, the Senior Teacher Leading Inclusion, and Mrs Carole McWade, our Parent Support Advisor are available in school to assist parents with any challenges, concerns and difficulties they may have with their child’s mental health or emotional well-being. In addition, a dedicated Emotional Literacy Support Assistant works with vulnerable children 1:1 and leads our Nurture Room provision. Time to Talk, a counselling service, is also available for pupils in KS2. Should parents and carers rquire it, the Corsham Regis website has dedicated pages for Safeguarding and Parents.



Pupils are provided with opportunities and encouragement to keep themselves healthy through exercise and diet. In addition to high quality PE teaching, there are a number of extra-curricular clubs offered over the course of the academic year. Pupils can talk about the benefits of exercise and, in August 2016, Corsham Regis was awarded the Bronze School Games Award. Mrs Sarah Harris, the Learn 4 Life curriculum leader, champions healthy eating through whole school initiatives, and the Academy Council are currently planning a Be Food Smart assembly.


Areas for development:

  • Further improve pupils’ Growth Mindset – What makes a successful learner at Regis?
  • For pupils to further develop an appreciation of ethical issues
  • To develop an improved appreciation of the arts
  • To achieve Healthy Schools Award status - including a focus on mental health
  • International Schools Award reaccreditation


Evidence of SMSC at Corsham Regis





The overall quality of teaching is good with some that is outstanding. Children have very positive attitudes to learning, are proud of their achievements and are encouraged to become even better learners through the academy’s work on Growth Mindset and developing children’s self-efficacy. The academy has made good progress and as a result the overall attainment and achievement of pupils has improved.



Ofsted Sept 2014 ‘Standards are consistently well above average in reading and mathematics by the end of year 6, but not always in writing.’


Pupils enter foundation stage with skills and understanding below those expected for their age. However, all groups make good progress and are ready for the start of Year 1 because of the good teaching they receive and the well-planned experiences provided.





Ofsted Sept 2014 ‘Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage benefit from high expectations and a stimulating range of activities that help them to develop their skills quickly and securely.’


The curriculum drivers for Corsham Regis Primary Academy are:

  • Enterprise – Pupils not dependent on adults to learn and show initiative
  • Possibilities – Pupils cannot aspire to things they have never encountered
  • Community – The academy sees itself as a central part of the community
  • Philosophy – Our pupils will learn to think deeply and to reflect imaginatively


These ensure that the curriculum is stimulating and imaginative with pupils immersed in a range of memorable experiences both in and out of school. Children are given plenty of opportunities to develop the lifelong learning skills they will require to succeed and reach their full potential as they enter the next phase of their education and life.





The academy places a high emphasis on teaching reading skills and applying them across the curriculum thus ensuring that when pupils leave Corsham Regis they are accurate and fluent readers. The excellent care, guidance and support provided by the school, in combination with detailed data analysis, ensures that any pupils vulnerable to underachievement are identified quickly and appropriate timely steps taken to close the gaps.


Ofsted Sept 2014 ‘Pupils’ achievement is good. They make good progress in reading and mathematics but progress in writing is not as rapid.’




In all other areas, Corsham Regis prides itself on the good or better standard of provision it provides. Behaviour and safety for pupils is outstanding. The pupils take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour, and understand clearly what is expected of them. The Academy Council has produced a Happy Policy, pupils follow the Golden Rules and we participate in AntiBullying Week every year. Consequently, incidences of bullying are rare. Staff and pupils work together to promote empathy towards others and how to stay safe online.


The reflectiveness with which the whole community approaches each new year ensures that our academy is constantly evolving and moving forward.




Corsham Regis is a warm and inclusive community where the child is at the heart of everything we do. The strong emphasis placed on ensuring children feel safe and happy, promoting their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and the understanding of British values are the key factors in ensuring cohesion.


The comments received from all involved on a daily basis within the academy, or those visiting Corsham Regis for only a short time, confirm the school’s belief that there is an extremely positive climate for learning.



Ofsted Sept 2014 ‘Parents and carers are highly positive about the school and all that it provides.’