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Welcome to the Opal Class webpage. Here you will find information about the school day as well as our topics and the curriculum for Year 1!


Miss Denning is the class teacher and our super teaching assistants are  Mrs Di-Pisa and Mrs Smith.


In the mornings we will be doing a range of child-led and adult-led activities focused around whatever we are learning about that week in maths and literacy. The children will also have a daily phonics 'Read, Write, Inc.' lesson to improve their sound recognition and build up fluency in reading (for more information about phonics please see the information booklet at the bottom of the page). In the afternoons we will mostly be focusing on our topic work - History, Geography, Art, DT and Science. 


In Maths we have been looking at place value and learning to count forwards and backwards to 100! Once we are more confident with our numbers we will be moving on to counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and then onto addition and subtraction. In particular we are looking at number bonds to 10 and how we can use these to solve problems, e.g. 'if Sarah has 10 sweets and gives 7 away, how many will she have left?'


We will be learning about lots of exciting topics this year, starting with materials and then onto The Great Fire of London! We will be exploring it through writing, art, history and science. See our topic web below to find out more. An optional topic themed homework was given to your child after Christmas if you would like to help extend their learning at home. 


PE will be on Thursdays and Fridays. Please ensure that your child has a change of t-shirt, shorts (joggers can be worn during chillier weather) and suitable PE shoes (daps).T shirts should be white and shorts should be black.


Below is some guidance which will support you and your child in making good progress throughout the year:

• Asking them about what they have learned about in school that day.

• Discussing the topics that are being covered together.

• Reading about the topics at home.

• Visiting the library to find out more about the topics for the term.

• Bringing anything relevant into school to share with the class if your child would like to.

  • Practising spellings (see the Year 1 Common Exception Words list at the bottom of the page)
  • Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 


However all children should be reading at home DAILY and bringing their reading records to school every day to change their books. Please sign your child's reading record each time they read at home, as this earns them points towards their reading certificates, which the children all love to get in Celebration Assembly. The children can change their reading books by popping into the reading book box in the mornings!


Ipads and iphones are a great way of engaging your children in learning in a fun way. Below are a list of apps you might want to look at with your child. 






Chatter Topics for the Autumn Term: 

  • Where did the Fire of London start from?
  • How did it start?
  • Who saw it first?
  • What did it do to London?
  • How did it spread?
  • How did they re-build London?
  • How many people were left/how many died?
  • How many houses burnt down?

Maths in action!

Maths in action! 1 Making 'ten frames' to show number bonds to 10!

Halloween dress up day!

Halloween dress up day! 1

A few pictures of our maths learning and how we use dienes and numicon to support our understanding of number.

Learning about how to look after our teeth with a visit from a dental health nurse.

Getting creative with our floral window frames!

Our classroom learning environment

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