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Online Safety Team

Online Safety Team for 2017-18

Online Safety Team for 2017-18 1

Our Online Safety Group includes: Dr Shepperson, Mr Spicer, Ellie and Jake. Using Facetime, we meet termly to discuss Online Safety at Corsham Regis.

Online Safety Group meeting minutes

A big THANK YOU to Ellie and Jake, our Online Safety Team, who have helped create an Online Safety questionnaire in partnership with Corsham Television for all the children in Corsham to complete prior to Safer Internet Day 2018.📲📱💻🖥️⌨️🖱️😀😀😀💪💪👌👍

Online Safety Team help Mr Spicer in assembly to explain what pupils should do if they see something they don't like online

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Digital Leadership Team Action Plan 2016-17

E Safety Questionnaire for all pupils

E Safety Termly Assemblies Overview - The Digital Leadership Team working in partnership with the Headteacher

Meet our new Digital Leadership Team for 2016-17

Meet our new Digital Leadership Team for 2016-17 1

Meet our Digital Leaders.

Meet our Digital Leaders. 1



At Corsham Regis everyone is constantly learning from each other, and the teachers and support staff are no exception. With so many advances in technology, it is often the children who know more than the adults when it comes digital literacy. That is why the decision has been taken to appoint a Digital Leadership Team of Year 6 pupils.


In the year 2015-16, Ben, Cameron and Lily, who are excellent at using IT equipment and communicating their understanding to other pupils and adults, were specifically chosen as the first ever Digital Leaders at Corsham Regis. Their main project was to plan and deliver staff training in the use of iPads to the Teaching Assistants.  It was very successful and gave the pupils unprecedented access to the staff room! 


However, these children moved into Year 7 in September 2016, so three more Year 6 pupils had to apply for the vacated posts. Brandon, Leo and Sky were successful and are the new Digital Leaders for the 2016-17 academic year.


Job description for a Digital Leader at Corsham Regis:

  • Report broken or malfunctioning equipment.

  • Audit how often different programs and apps are used.

  • Review apps and software and make recommendations.

  • Raise the profile of Computing in the school

  • Offer homework help.

  • Run or help out at a lunch club.

  • Write instructions for different pieces of software or apps.

  • Make governors more aware of the importance of Computing in all areas of the school.

  • Offer in-class support to teachers.

  • Train other pupils how to use hardware, such as interactive whiteboards, Beebots, iPads and software

  • Make videos and presentations.

  • Help to inform and enforce the school's e-safety policies and procedures.

  • Meet termly with Curriculum Team Leader for Computing and Science