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Hockey Spring Term 2017

Corsham Regis Hockey Report


Our school went to a hockey tournament last week. The team consisted of Harry, Shakira, Emma, Craig, Anca, Lenny and Diesel.


Our first game was against St Patricks. They were all girls, athletic and very tall. We won 2-0 and they lost, but they were very good.


Our second game was against Colerne and they were pretty good as well. We lost and they won 2 points. We think they have had a lot of practise.


Our third game was against Neston and we lost because they were very tall and fast. They probably had a lot of practise too. The final score was 2-0 to them.


Finally, we were against Box and we beat them 2-0. They were one of the fastest teams there.


Report by Craig and Emma.