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Gifted and Talented

At Corsham Regis we recognise that there are a proportion of children who are capable of particularly high achievement and stand out among their peers. In cases of exceptional achievement, a pupil may be identified as being ‘Gifted and Talented.’ (G&T)


Class teachers identify such pupils using various sources of information including:

  • Summative and formative assessment
  • Classroom observation
  • Discussions with pupils
  • Work scrutiny
  • Reading, spelling and mathematical ages


A register is kept by the G&T Leader, Mrs Gail McCrum, of all pupils who have been identified as G&T. This register is reviewed and updated annually.


Organisational and in-class approaches to extend High achievers and G&T pupils


Important strategies include:

  • The provision of enrichment /extension / mastery activities within the framework of age appropriate objectives and tasks rather than progressing on to the next year’s objectives.
  • Differentiation within all subject areas.
  • The development of independent learning by allowing pupils to organize their own work, to carry out tasks unaided, evaluate their work and become self-critical.
  • Homework should include different ways for pupils to demonstrate their learning. In some instances more challenging homework could be set.
  • The provision of opportunities for high achieving pupils to work with pupils of similar ability. This will mean that it is appropriate for pupils to work with younger and older pupils occasionally.
  • Mentoring and additional provision for pupils of exceptional ability through planned activities provided by other institutions.


Out of class activities for High achievers and G&T pupils


The following are offered on a regular basis and, although these benefit all pupils, they are particularly apt for ensuring that pupils who have potential in these areas are given opportunities to practice and extend their skills.


  • School clubs
  • Musical and sporting activities
  • Special days organised within the school for high achieving children in a particular subject.
  • Signposting to clubs or organisations in the local community


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