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Welcome to Amethyst Class!


It’s the Autumn Term- welcome to your new class!

Mrs Symons, Madame Price and Mrs Halfpenny will be working with and helping the children in Amethyst with their learning this term. We are really looking forward to our topic- World War 2!



We will be learning about World War 2, key dates and events in history and how these events have impacted on life in Britain today. In science, we will be learning about electricity.


In English, we will begin learning about the ‘Battle of Britain’. We will be writing recount texts and imagining ourselves in the Battle of Britain and writing diary entries. While writing, we will apply skills we have been learning in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Keep an eye out on our webpage for some excellent examples of writing.

In Maths, we will focus on our mental maths and arithmetic skills. It would be extremely useful if you could ensure your child knows their times tables and related division facts. To start the year, we will focus on place value with numbers up to 10,000,000. We will also focus on formal calculation strategies for the four number operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Please remember that you can access our calculation policy on this website. We will link our maths learning to our topic work when ordering significant dates in history and through money when we look at rationing.



Children are expected to read at home regularly with an adult and to have a book ‘on the go’ that travels to school and home again every day. It is an essential element of a child's development and has a positive impact on your child's progress in all areas of the curriculum.

PE kit needs to be in school at all times but will be sent home for washing at regular intervals. The requirement for kit is a white t-shirt (not polo shirt), black shorts and black daps.

Children will be swimming on a Monday during the Autumn term.

WW2 drama on No Pens Wednesday

WW2 drama on No Pens Wednesday 1
WW2 drama on No Pens Wednesday 2
WW2 drama on No Pens Wednesday 3
WW2 drama on No Pens Wednesday 4
WW2 drama on No Pens Wednesday 5
WW2 drama on No Pens Wednesday 6
WW2 drama on No Pens Wednesday 7

Key Objectives Year 6 and Year 5

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