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Acting on parent feedback

All feedback is good feedback.


From our Parent Questionnaires and Parent Voice, you have said you are Tickled Pink with the following:

  • Friendly, clean and welcoming environment

  • Curriculum evenings are useful

  • Morning well-being/fitness activities

  • Checking of reading books and award of certificates.

  • Morning entry into classrooms – thank you.

  • The children are happy, polite and kind

  • Movie Club and the offer of Home Learning Club is appreciated

  • Individual approach – lots of different ways of learning, such as lots of choices for Home

  • High safeguarding standards

  • Great parent’s evening

  • Fun sports & clubs before school

  • The open access approach with parents. Staff are always happy to chat about concerns and are very responsive – this is very welcome.

  • Attitude of the children, eg in celebration assembly is very sweet when they admire each other’s work or achievements

  • The new approach to communication through social media – this is working really well

  • Always been happy from day one, with both my children, lovely school and very pleased with our choice.

  • Compliments to all the team for working hard for our children!!


We said:

  • Thank you for taking the time to share your views and providing this valuable feedback.

  • It is great for all the staff to hear that their commitment and enthusiasm for teaching & learning is appreciated! 


You said the following could be our Growth Green areas:

  • Mixed opinions on letters and information. Could whiteboards outside school be used and the website be core information point for non-Facebook & Twitter families? Mrs Woodbridge and I try to keep the content of the noticeboards outside the academy current. Most of the news and information is shared on the website as well as through social media. There are currently 169 followers on Facebook and this appears to be the most visited source of information online. However, I am aware that not everyone is on it so I endeavour to duplicate the information between the website, Facebook and on the noticeboards. We no longer use Twitter as many not many of our parents subscribe to it.

  • Mix up the timings of curriculum evenings with day slots as well as evenings because not everyone can make evenings. Our curriculum evenings have become increasingly well attended. We have tried to vary the timings as we know that people’s time is limited. As well as parents and family members being able to choose different time slots for Someone Special Days, we have provided two Story Making presentations and a Reading workshop for parents/carers during school hours. In addition, our Meet the Teacher and Residential meetings have been held immediately after school.

  • Is it appropriate to use email as a way of communicating with staff? Yes, email the teachers. The emails are in the public domain for precisely that reason. Just be nice to them ;)

  • Is it possible to have additional home learning for children with areas they need extra support with? Yes, of course. Approach the class teacher directly to discuss any concerns you have and agree a way forward. This may involve the setting of additional homework, challenges or educational games.

  • Please can we have more information about the content of Internet Safety Day. I will ask the Computing and Science Curriculum Leadership Team to provide this in February 2018

  • Is there an easier way to pay for school dinners termly, ie by bank transfer? I have asked Sodexo, the catering company we employ to investigate this.

  • Could each class grow something every year? I would like to run a Gardening Club in the Spring / Summer 2018. Are there any volunteers who could assist with this?

  • More parents to support PTA. Could existing members try 'Bring a friend' to the next meeting.

  • Early finishing time. This is out for consultation and will be discussed at the next Corsham Regis Local Governing Body meeting at the end of November 2017

  • More educational trips. The cost for all trips is increasing. We try to give families the opportunity to pay for these over a longer time period and subsidise the cost of them as much as possible. However, more and more parents are not paying for trips and we can't afford to subsidise them any further. 

  • More home learning. Our new Home Learning policy is out and is the result of a consultation with our parents. The nature of the policy allows pupils to focus on the basics of reading, spelling and rapid mental maths recall.  In Autumn 2, our website will enable pupils to complete more Home Learning if they wish to.

  • More sports –especially after school. Each school has received an additional amount of PE funding. I have used this to add more lunchtime clubs and an early morning sports club for pupils to access. These are free to all children.

  • Making children more aware of how children are different. Our Learn for Life curriculum and RE syllabus are very strong. Through our RE days, themed curriculum weeks and regular Learn 4 Life lessons, pupils are taught to be tolerant and respectful towards others. This link will take you to the scheme of work  https://www.wiltshirehealthyschools.org/resources/schemes-of-work/learn-for-life/ for Learn for Life. Our Healthy Body, Healthy Mind week and planned Families Week are examples of this approach. 

  • Greater use of outdoor resources. Our INSET in the Spring Term 2018 is based on this theme as I believe it is good for engaging pupils as well as a benefit to pupils' mental health and well-being

  • Perhaps more links to the local community and school’s place in the community, eg children taking part in local litter picks etc. I very much value the principle of engaging with our community as it reflects one of our main curriculum drivers and is a priority for our school improvement plan this academic year. Previously, we have visited nursing homes to sing at Christmas. We always participate in Corsham sporting events and have performed at the Blue Sky Arts festival for the past two years. In addition, we put on our summer production at the Springfield Centre when it first opened, decorated the lion in the Martingate Centre and supported The Corsham School with their performance of Bugsy Malone last year. In the Autumn Term we have Plastic Fantastic booked and we will also be participating in a Corsham Cluster primary school singing event in the Spring Term 2018. 

  • More opportunities for inspirational people to talk or demonstrate to children in order to celebrate achievement and accomplishments, eg artists, musicians and sports people.  Our Careers week is taking place in the first half of the Summer Term 2018 and we always look to invite interesting and engaging professionals. If anyone knows of anyone in particular who fits this category do let us know so that we can invite them in. 

  • More musical opportunities for all and celebration of musical accomplishments. Take One Note is the theme of our whole school topic in the second half of the Spring Term. This is focused on improving outcomes in music across the school. I have also asked Mr Bell at The Corsham School if it might be possible to have some specialist music teaching during this time from their music department.


Thank you again for this feedback. It is good to know how we can improve.


Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Spicer