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Acting on parent feedback: You said ....... we did or said ...........

You said the following things have gone or are going well:

  • Parents’ evening.

  • Julia’s House fun run.

  • Checking of reading books and award of certificates.

  • Morning entry into classrooms – thank you.

  • Homework is easier to understand.

  • Teachers are approachable which is really good.

  • A mix of formal learning and craft activities during Someone Special Days is also really good.

  • Interactive content of Internet Safety Day

  • Use of social media and emails to improve communication with parents and families.

  • Accuracy of communications

  • Children are enjoying STEM Club

  • Movie Club and the offer of Homework Club is appreciated


We said:

  • Thank you for taking the time to share your views and providing this valuable feedback.

  • It is great for all the staff to hear that their commitment and enthusiasm for teaching & learning is appreciated! 


You said the following things could be better:

  • Mixed opinions on letters and information. Could whiteboards outside school be used and the website be core information point for non-Facebook & Twitter families?

  • More punctual end of school let out time if possible please.

  • Mix up the timings of curriculum evenings with day slots as well as evenings because not everyone can make evenings.

  • There are still some communication problems with pupils not getting the correct meal choice for their lunch.

  • Make it clear about whether or not younger siblings can come into school during Someone Special Day.

  • It’s quite nerve wracking and not OK for parents to sit tests during Someone Special Day.

  • Not to have too many dressing up days because this can be costly

  • Is it appropriate to use email as a way of communicating with staff?

  • Is it possible to have additional homework for children with areas they need extra support with?

  • Please can we have more information about the content of Internet Safety Day.


We did and said:

  • Thank you again for this feedback. It is good to know how we can improve.

  • Mrs Woodbridge and I try to keep the content of the noticeboards outside the academy current. Most of the news and information is shared on the website as well as through social media. There are currently 111 followers on Facebook and this appears to be the most visited source of information online. However, I am aware that not everyone is on it so I endeavour to duplicate the information between the website, Twitter, Facebook and on the noticeboards.

  • At staff meetings staff are reminded of the need for a punctual end to the day.

  • Our curriculum evenings have become increasingly well attended. We have tried to vary the timings as we know that people’s time is limited. As well as parents and family members being able to choose different time slots for Someone Special Days, we have provided two Story Making presentations and a Reading workshop for parents/carers during school hours.

  • The teaching staff do check the children’s lunch orders. There has been some additional confusion in the Autumn term because the wrong menu was sent out by Sodexo, our catering company.

  • Someone Special Days are enjoyed by all of the Corsham Regis community. The staff have the best of intentions and aim to show the children’s family and friends what is expected of the pupils during assessments. However, I believe it is more important for children and visitors to learn the skills to succeed in these tests on days such as this instead of practising the tests themselves. This will be shared with the teaching staff.

  • I agree dressing up days can become costly, however the Academy Council  and/or the Eco Council often decide to try and raise money through events such as these. I leave this up to them because I want them to appreciate what works and what doesn’t. However, I will try and steer them towards other ideas.

  • Yes, email the teachers. The emails are in the public domain for precisely that reason. Just be nice to them ;)

  • Yes, of course. Approach the class teacher directly to discuss any concerns you have and agree a way forward. This may involve the setting of additional homework, challenges or educational games.


To do:

  • Outline the content of curriculum or themed days in invitations to which parents & carers are invited.


All feedback is good feedback.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Spicer